Head Coach Tyson Avery has big Dreams

Head Coach Tyson Avery has big Dreams

The Flyers have some fresh ideas for the up coming 2017/18 Season.

Leading the team as Head Coach going into his second season Tyson has experience playing at all levels including an  NCAA scholarship with  Morrisville State. Tyson has quickly become the most talked about Coach in the HJHL. The Flyers and Tyson have worked hard at getting a clear channel from Junior B to Junior A and are starting to make some people notice.

Last season the Flyers had the addition of Davis Sheldon who was a point per game player in the AJHL added to the roster late in the season from the Calgary Canucks . Sheldon helped the team make a push for the playoffs. The talks continue with the Canucks, and trying to achieve more affiliated games in the  AJHL for the up coming season.

Training camp begins August 26@ 3:30 p.m. at the Bob Snodgrass Rec Complex in High River.  Walk ons are welcome.  For more information, contact GM Vince Miller at vmiller@highriverlfyers.com


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